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did i eat cake batter? yes. will i get salmonella? let us pray not


get rich or die 9 times trying

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I’ve barely left my house in three days. I don’t want to get dressed, socialise or do anything and I’m not even sick. So this is me having a whinge because I feel like fucking crap. Ugh…

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Make Them Suffer - Let Me In.

Hi guys, i did a drum cover of a really great song and i wanted to show you all. So if you could, please take a look at the video and give me a thumbs up/subscribe! I’d be more than appreciative for your efforts. 
Music is my life and i need everybody to help me so i can reach my dreams.

Thankyou so much.

Check out this video of my friend Cam! He’s a handsome fella, and he’s very good at the drums. You will love him!

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